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Applications for AAHKS Committee Openings

The application period for AAHKS Committees will open from January 21-31, 2017. Positions are open or open and eligible for reappointment. Positions are for two-year terms beginning and ending in March. Only AAHKS members are eligible to apply. Please refer to AAHKS member status eligibility below. Log in at right to apply.

Open Committee Positions to begin in March 2017

The positions where the current member is eligible to apply are marked with an asterisk. The number of open positions are indicated in parentheses.

Advocacy - Member
Evidence-Based Medicine - Vice Chair*
Evidence-Based Medicine - Member* (3)
Industry Relations - Chair*
Industry Relations - Vice Chair*
Industry Relations - Member*
International - Member (5)
Leadership Development - Member (3)
Patient and Public Relations - Member* (6)
Practice Management - Vice Chair*
Practice Management - Member*
Program - 2019 Chair
Publications - Member*
Quality Measures - Member (3)
Research - Member (7)
Web and Social Media - Member

Other Open Positions

Abstract Reviewer
To review abstract, symposia and video submissions for the Annual Meeting program

To fill in wherever you are needed without specifying a committee. The Committee on Committees will suggest a position for you.

AAHKS Member Eligibility to Serve in Committee Positions

Fellow – any position
International – all but Chair
Associate – all but Chair
Emeritus – all but Chair
Clinical/Non-Clinical Affiliate – all but Chair
Arthroplasty Surgeon in Training  – only as a non-voting liaison
Candidate – none
International Resident - none
Honorary - none

Appointment Process

Apply for committee appointments using this online platform. Please submit a CV and complete a brief statement of interest regarding your desired assignment, any previous work with AAHKS and disclosure of potential conflicts.

Committee members up for reappointment are asked to complete the application process if they wish to serve a second term.

Evaluation Process
Members of the Committee on Committees first review applicant materials for any open committee chair positions and rank the candidates using the online system. Depending on the results, the Committee on Committees Chair may conduct a conference call to reach consensus.

Members of the Committee on Committees, along with the relevant committee chair, review applicant materials for all other open committee positions, and rank the candidates using the online system. Depending on the results, the Committee on Committees Chair may conduct a conference call to reach consensus.

Evaluation will be done by rank ordering the candidates. Criteria to be considered include:
  • Evaluation for reappointment. For this round, the Committee on Committees will refer to evaluations submitted by Committee members via an online survey.
  • Expected contributions to the work of the committee
  • Impact on the diversity of the committee (practice type, geographic and demographic)
Appointment Timeline
  1. The Committee on Committees reports its recommended assignments to the AAHKS Board of Directors (BOD) at the conference call meeting following the application deadline.
  2. The BOD adopts or modifies recommendations.
  3. New Committee members are informed of their appointments and can begin participating in Committee meetings - the first one traditionally takes place at the AAOS Annual Meeting.